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The next batter, sophomore catcher Hayden Travinski, lofted a sacrifice fly into left field. Later, with LSU leading 9-2 in the ninth, Beloso singled again with the bases loaded. Travinski also singled as the Tigers batted around to score another six runs and create a blowout. LSU crushed Kentucky in the first game of their weekend series, 15-2, to snap a six-game conference losing streak. If you're a Tiger fan you won't want to miss this newsletter. Sign up today. Beloso and Travinski had struggled this season. Beloso entered with a .209 batting average. Travinski didn't have a hit in SEC play. They both finished the game 2 for 4 with four RBIs. "Definitely feels good to get some hits and produce for the team," Beloso said. Another spot LSU had received inconsistent production from, center field, changed with the return of junior Giovanni DiGiacomo, who made his second straight start after recovering from a hamstring strain. Batting fifth, DiGiacomo went 3 for 5 with three singles. Two didn't leave the infield, but he reached base because of his speed. Giovanni DiGiacomo, his hamstring injury and the value of an elite center fielder Giovanni DiGiacomo may finally be back from his hamstring strain. He brings unmatched range in center field. "Three spots in the lineup that we hadn’t been getting much offense out of," Mainieri said, "all of a sudden we got a lot of offense." The production from those three players, as well as freshman shortstop Jordan Thompson, who batted sixth and recorded two hits, let LSU play its best offensive game of the season.

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Stem cell research has allowed medicine to go places that were once science fiction. Using stem cells, scientists have manufactured heart cells, brain cells and other cell types that they are now transplanting into patients as a form of cell therapy. Eventually, the field anticipates the same will be possible with organs. A new paper written by a group of international researchers led by Tsutomu Sawai, an assistant professor at the Kyoto University Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (ASHBi) and the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), explains the future ethical implications of this research with regards to brain organoids, a laboratory-made structure that is designed to grow and behave like the brain. In just over ten years, a new word has entered the lexicon of stem cell science. "Organoids" describe organ-like structures that imitate how organs form in the body. By recapitulating normal development, organoids have proven to be invaluable tools for understanding not only how organs grow, but also how diseases develop. Organoids have been reported for an assortment of organs, including the liver, kidney and, most controversially, the brain, along with others. The brain is considered the source of our consciousness. Therefore, if brain organoids do truly mimic the brain, they too should develop consciousness, which, as the paper states, brings all sorts of moral implications. "Consciousness is a very difficult property to define. We do not have very good experimental techniques that confirm consciousness. But even if we cannot prove consciousness, we should set guidelines, because scientific advancements demand it," said Sawai, who has spent several years writing about the ethics of brain organoid research. Brain organoids have led to deep questions about consciousness. With some people imagining a future where our brains are uploaded and kept on the cloud well after our bodies die, organoids bring an opportunity to test consciousness and morality in artificial environments. Ethicists have broken consciousness down into many types. Phenomenal consciousness assumes the awareness of pain, pleasure and distress. Sawai and his colleagues argue that even though restraints on experiments using brain organoids would be needed, phenomenal consciousness would not outright prohibit experiments, since animals commonly used in science, such as rodents and monkeys, also display phenomenal consciousness. Self-consciousness would add to the ethical conflicts, since this status bestows a higher morality. However, Sawai said there is a more pressing issue.